May Concert: "One World, One Tribe, One Day."

by Taylor Blaine

Choir members work with guest artists Darnell and Geoffrey.
Photo credit:  LHS Choir on Facebook
May is a big deal to choir members when it comes about that time. This year the concert is called, “One World, One Tribe, One Day.” The Concert Choir members and a select few of the Bel Canto members were able to work with Darnell Davis and Geoffrey Foster on March 11th and 12th. They had rehearsals during second block, and also night rehearsals from 6:30 to 9 pm both days. They mostly worked on Gospel songs and really tried to express their vibratos. Darnell worked with them on many things. From making phrases more breathy to over emphasizing the high notes. Geoffrey mostly accompanied the choir on the keyboard, but he had some solos here and there. The night of the last rehearsal, Darnell taught the choir a new song by rote. This means they weren’t given any music at all. They learned the song simply by hearing Darnell sing it first, then mimicking him. All of the rehearsals were very successful. It is such a treat for the choir to be able to have such talented artists to come and work with them!

The whole concert consists of over twenty songs, and those songs will be broken into three sections:  Abuse/Abandonment, War, and Hope. The May Concert always comes with a message, and this year the message is something a little different than the previous years, but still on the same line. “One World” means that there will be one world instead of all different countries where everyone is separate. “One Tribe” means that everyone will be equal. There will be no looking at people differently because of their race or religion. “One Day” means that this will all happen one day. The choir sends out the message that they are working for a better future, a better world. They do different philanthropy projects to put forth that effort of work into their singing. When they sing, they think of all of the good things they have done to change the world, but also of all the things that still need to change.

The choir has different genres of songs this year. They sing everything from their usual gospel, to new pop songs that you would hear on the radio. The songs might be different in styles, but the message is the same. The world needs to change, and it starts with us. Come join the choir on their performance nights, May 19th and 20th.

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